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Ensure your water & our future.

Flowcon is a 100% Australian owned company, designing and producing water products based on best quality practices. Our product range includes the new patented “Conconect”, the first fitting ever designed for the Stormwater industry to solve the longstanding problem of connecting UPVC and PVC products in general, to reinforced and non reinforced concrete pipe and structures.

Flowcon’s products are manufactured under I.S.O certification. Each component of Conconect complies with the relevant Australian STDS: AS/NZS1260:2002(PVC & UPVC) AS/NZS1646.2:2002 and SS316 (STAINLESS STEEL).

At Flowcon we are committed to finding solutions and introducing products that are both new and innovative. Flowcon products are based on a range of products that are known for their quality, performance and contribution to saving our most precious resource WATER!!


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